How to use Pendrive as RAM in Windows 8, Windows 7

Author raman bathina
Now you can use pen drive as RAM in windows 8 and windows 7 operating systems. Microsoft introduces this feature from windows vista operating system but it is popular with their next operating system windows 7 and still continued in the next version windows 8.Coming to the point, readyboost is a feature which uses USB flash drive storage as RAM to speed up process on your operating system. Here readyboost means it doesn’t increase your physical RAM but it increases system speed by optimizing cache of system pages.
use pendrive as ram in windows 8,windows 7

How to Use Pendrive as RAM in Windows 8, Windows 7:

Before entering into the procedure we will know about the minimum requirements to use pendrive as RAM.
  • At least you need 1GB pendrive and it have 512 minimum free space.
  • It must have 5MB/Sec throughput for random 4k reads across the whole device.
  • It must have 3MB/Sec throughput for random 512k writes across the whole device.

Enable Ready Boost in Windows 7/Windows 8:

1. To do this you need to plug in USB drive to computer and it automatically suggests some actions which are done by USB drive.
2. Select “speed up my system” from auto play to open ready boost in windows 7/windows 8.
enable readyboost through autoplay
3. If auto play dialogue box not appeared on your pc then open ready boost dialogue box in another way. Right click on USB drive and select properties from the menu.
4. Now it opens properties dialogue box, choose ready boost from available tabs.
5. Ready boost feature have 3 options.
Do not Use this Device: This option is used to disable readyboost feature
Dedicate this Device to Ready Boost: This option uses maximum available space on USB drive without removing files on USB drive.
Use this Device: This Option leaves little bit of space on USB drive and remaining will be allocated for ready boost. You can customize memory using slider.
6. After choosing option click on ok button to use pendrive as RAM in windows 7, windows 8.
use pendrive to enable readyboost

readyboost applied

Is it Worth to Use Pendrive as RAM?

For this,my Answer is no. Because if you have enough RAM on your pc then there is no much difference. If your pc runs on low memory like 512 MB RAM or 1 GB then this readyboost feature will be helpful. Here is the benchmark report of ready boost feature performed by famous technology website Anand tech.

Note: In my testing it shows different types of errors, first I try to enable ready boost from USB auto play options. Then it displays a message which means “your device doesn’t meet requirements” something like that, so if you face same problem then try to test your USB drive again by clicking on the “Test Again” button.
pendrive fail to create readyboost

Final Words:

So if your pc RAM is lower than 2 GB then Ready Boost feature is helpful to increase the system performance. Otherwise it doesn’t give much difference than previous pc performance.

If you have any doubts while using this trick,then please leave a message below.
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Rearm Windows 8 to Extend Windows 8 Free Trail for One Year

Author raman bathina
Rearm windows 8 is the process of extending free license of windows 8 another 3 months. Recently Microsoft stops technical support for windows XP and request users to migrate from that operating system. Sudden change of operating system from xp to windows 8 is not an easy thing because Microsoft removes start button on its latest version windows 8.Straight to the point if you already used windows 8 free trail which works perfectly 90 days then this how to guide definitely helpful for you.

Rearm Windows 8 for Another 90 Days:

This is not an unofficial method because windows itself provide this trick in command prompt. Here we use that trick to extend our windows 8 license. We request users to try this trick at the end of your trial license. That means use it at the end of 90 days evolution otherwise your pc restarts every 1 hour.
1. First of all open command prompt in your pc, here you need to run it in administrator mode. You can open command prompt in several methods.
Method 1: Press Win+X key combination on your keyboard and choose “command prompt (Admin)” from the list of commands.
Method 2: Press windows button to open metro screen and type “cmd” (without quotes) to search for command prompt. Now you’ll get command prompt in the search results, right click on command prompt and select “Run as Administrator”.
Method 3: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination to launch task manager and go to file menu. Now choose “Run new task” and type cmd in the run box, check “Create this task with administrative privileges” and click on ok button to start command prompt in administrator mode.
2. Now type “slmgr/rearm” in the command prompt and press enter button on keyboard. After few seconds you’ll see a dialogue box with “Command completed successfully. Please restart the system for the changes to take effect”.
3. Click on ok button and restart your pc to see the changes in your pc. After restarting pc you can check how many days remaining in trial license.
To do this again open command prompt in administrator mode, type slmgr/xpr in command prompt and press enter. Now it shows how many days remaining on your trial license.
In this way you can rearm your windows 8 pc another 2 times. So you can use windows 8 for free another 180 days.

Here are some more windows 8 activation commands

Slmgr/ipk: This command is used to install product key and at the same time it replaces old activation key.
Slmgr/dli: This command displays whole information about current installed license.
Slmgr/xpr: We already discussed about this commands, it shows how many days remaining in the trial period.
Slmgr/cpky: You can clear product key from registry editor with the help of this command. It will prevent your product key from product key revealing software.
Slmgr/rearm: We already use this command but no one don’t know the meaning of the command. The actual meaning of the command is reset the licensing status of the machine.

If you have any doubts while applying these commands please leave a comment below, we will try to resolve as soon as possible.
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Trace Mobile Number with Owner Name, Location and Operator

Author raman bathina
Today we are going to know about how to trace mobile number with owner name, location and operator details. In our daily life we get some phone calls from unknown mobile numbers, but we don’t have details about that person. In past we can’t have any resources to find name and location of unknown mobile number but present we have technology to trace any mobile number with its owner name and his location, at the same time we can find out operator details too.
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[Giveaway] Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe – Must Have Video Converter to Convert Any Video

Author raman bathina
First of all Happy to announce that we are conducting one small giveaway to our blog readers with Digiarty Software Company which develops good software products.We have 10 genuine licenses of winx HD Video Converter Deluxe software and you can use that software in your pc lifetime without any expiration.

Giveaway Rules:

To win in this giveaway you need to do the following steps.

1. Please Complete all steps in the below giveaway widget and increase your winning chances.

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3. Comment about the software how it will be useful to you?

If your referral link will be shared on more social profiles then it is helpful to get more points.

How to Register Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe?

After getting license key download Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe software from the below link and Register your software before 26th April 2014.

Download Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe

Why You Need Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe to Convert Videos:

Yes why you need Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe to Convert Videos? Because there are so many video converting software are available in internet but we can’t compare them with this video converting software. We have 10 strong reasons to use Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe as your default video converter.

1. Convert Any Video Within Minutes of Time:

Basically conversion takes so much time based on file size and some more factors. But this software makes it easier to users and complete that action within minutes of time. It converts both HD and UHD videos without any disturbance. It had 320 built in video and audio codecs, so there is no need to worry about video conversion and conversion done in a smooth way.

2. Edit and Trim Videos with Vivid Video Editing Feature:

Converting software is not enough in this era because users want more features in one software. By using this software you can edit any video without having any professional video editing knowledge. You can remove unnecessary or waste video clips from the video using trim feature. The main and unique feature in this software is you can add sub titles externally to your video. You can also merge many video clips into one video.

3. Supports Multi track HD Videos:

It supports multi audio tracks from different languages and this feature makes Winx HD converter deluxe is the best video converting utility. You can select any language audio track before performing video conversion and it can auto fix errors while converting video from one format to another format.

4. Create Photo Slideshow with Background Music:

This is another good feature come up with software is slideshow creation with photos. You can create image slideshow with JPG, PNG images and also add background music to that slideshow. After completing the creation of slideshow you can share that with your friends through mail. After creating slideshow you can convert it into AVI, MP4, and MKV etc.

5. Supports Large Number of Mobile Devices:

The main problem with any video converting software is they can’t give desired output profile for every mobile device. Default profile doesn’t play on all mobile devices. That’s why Winx HD video converter gives 280 presets which have most of the Apple and Android Devices. By using these presets you can convert any HD video to your mobile device.

6. Run on Low Configuration Computer:

Most of the video converting software need high range pc with good configuration but this software works even on low configuration computers too. To work with this you have at least 256 MB RAM, 1GB Hard disk, 1GHz Processor.

7. Convert Both HD and Regular Videos:

Coming days most of the people Blu-ray technology to capture videos and already most of the people use it to create videos. You can convert those Blu-ray videos into normal videos with this software.

8. Better Video Transcoding Speed:

Actually video conversion put more burden of CPU because it requires full CPU resources to convert video within minutes of time. To reduce that burden this software comes up with un paralleled video transcoding speed which uses multi core to increase conversion speed.

9. Convert Videos for Various Media Players:

You can convert any HD video which is suitable most of the mobile and console players. Conversion done in a smooth way without losing quality of the video. It supports Apple, Nexus, Android, Windows mobile, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, Acer and Nokia mobiles. It even supports gaming consoles like XBOX, Sony PS4, and Zune etc.

10. Output Video with High Quality:

It have Embedded High quality engine and yadif double frames to give better video quality. While conversion it removes noise and optimize image quality dynamically for better video quality.

They give this software with full functionalities on the price of $49.55 but we give it for free to 10 lucky winners at the end of giveaway. So participate in this giveaway to win Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe for free life time.


We plan to give another software for free to every visitor of our blog. That is Winx DVD Copy Pro, to get that software for free please visit the below link and get license code.

Get Winx DVD Copy Pro Free License

We have another Bonus for our readers.Here is another useful DVD ripping software which costs $59.95 but you can get it for free from the below link.

Get Winx DVD Ripper Platinum 
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Facebook Tricks 2013/2014 | Latest Best Tips and Tricks

Author raman bathina 2 Comments
This list post describes about Facebook tricks 2013 and 2014 which are best in Internet. Facebook, which doesn’t need any introduction to this 20th century people. Facebook is the largest social media network with 1.23 billion active users every month and it is available in 70 languages throughout the world. Recently Facebook acquire popular messaging application whatsapp which had capability of getting more users than Facebook. Straight to the point today we plan to share best tips and tricks of 2013 and 2014.

1. Remove/Hide/Disable Facebook Seen Option in Chat:

In Facebook chat box it had option which allows others to know about their message status. That means once any friend sent a message to you it will sent a report to your friend in the form of “seen” message. If you see your friend message then it automatically shows “seen” notification in their chat box. This is the most disturbing feature in this large social networking website. Sometimes we just see the message and doesn’t read whole message but it shows “seen” notification in our friends chat box. So to disable/hide seen option in your Facebook account follow the below steps.

To disable seen option both Firefox and chrome browsers have extensions. By installing those extensions you can easily hide/disable seen option in Facebook chat.

Also Read How to Login into Multiple Facebook Accounts At a time?

Steps to Disable Seen Option in Facebook Chat on Chrome:

1. First of all download “chat undetected” extension from the below website.
2. Now install that extension by dragging in between extensions otherwise it won't install. Now click on add button to install it on your chrome browser.
3. From now on wards no one can track your activity on Facebook by using this seen option.

Note: For some security reasons chrome doesn’t allow this extension directly and it shows a warning message on your screen. To skip this verification just drag chatundetectted.crx extension to extensions folder. If you feel difficulty see the below screenshot.

Steps to Disable Seen Option in Facebook Chat on Firefox:

1. First download chat undetected add on from the below website.
2. Now it asks to permission to install it on your browser, click on allow and next click on install button to complete the installation.
3. Once installation will be completed you need to restart Firefox browser. After restarting browser seen will be disabled on your Facebook account.

2. Clean Up Facebook with Norton Safe Web:

To protect from virus and malware we install antivirus on our pc but what about Internet. Facebook is the main target to spread malware and other virus files. To prevent from these malware and other unwanted files you need to have an antivirus for your Facebook profile too. Norton Safe Web provides that safety through their application. By using this application you can away from click jacking, profile takeovers etc. and warns about spammy links. Once you install this application it automatically scan your news feed daily to detect any malware links are in your profile and shows an alert message to you.

Download Norton Safe Web App

Alternatively you can search for Norton Safe Web app on your Facebook account and install itself from the profile. Here you can see my Facebook profile scanning report with one warning.

3. Create Colorful, bold and Underlined Status:

You already aware of Facebook status which is useful to indicate our present mood. But the status section doesn’t provide any powerful editor which contains colors, bold characters and other styles. It only shows normal text when you post a status. Don’t worry we have one beautiful extension to spice up your Facebook profile by changing skin of the profile, write status message in color with bold and underlined text.

To get this in your Facebook account follow the below steps

1. Download social plus extension for your browser from their official website.
2. After installing it on your browser you can write text in different colors and also change theme of profile.
Note: We can’t guarantee about your privacy by using these extensions. So use at your own risk.

4. Disable Facebook Timeline:

Facebook repeatedly changed their homepage with few more improvements. In this way they already implement timeline feature to every Facebook account and now again they try to give graph search to all users. If any case you don’t want to use Facebook timeline feature on your profile then this trick will be helpful to you.

Steps to Remove/Disable Facebook Timeline:

1. Here we use one extension which is available on both chrome and Firefox browsers that is User Agent Switcher.
2. After installing this extension on your browser you need to set user agent which you want. Here we use any mobile user agent like Windows mobile, IPhone or Android.
3. After selecting windows phone 7 as user agent, refresh your Facebook profile to see the change. Now your timeline doesn’t appear on your profile.

Note: Actually no one can remove Facebook timeline from their account because Facebook doesn’t give those rights to any user. So we can only disable that feature using these type of tricks.

5. Post/Update Blank Status:

Posting blank or empty status on Facebook is funny right? But how can we do that without using any extension or software. Here we reveal that trick which allows you to post blank status.

To do this type @ [3:3:] as it is in the status field and click on post button. If it is worked no problem otherwise try this one to post blank status. Press Alt button on keyboard and type 0173 and click on post button to post blank status update. (This definitely works)

6. Schedule Facebook Status Updates:

There is no built in feature to post or update status message in future. But we have one website named laterbro which allows you to set schedule status update. By using this service you can write some status update and set the time to schedule the status.

Steps to set Schedule Status Update on Facebook:

1. To do this first open laterbro website and login with your Facebook account.

2. after that change time zone to your region and type status message in the field which you want to schedule.

3. Finally select time and date, click on schedule button to schedule status update.

7. Facebook Ghost Profile Prank with Your Friends:

This prank will give surprise to everyone on their first visit. After opening this prank you’ll see a page looks like a Facebook profile and it is filled up with some scary images.

By using this prank you’ll tease your friends. To do that follow the below steps.

1. First send this link and said them to open that link.
2. Now ask them to mouse over on any one of the image. That’s it your friends definitely scared with that unexpected result.

8. See Your Facebook Profile History from the Beginning:

Every day we have seen so many status updates, image and video shares etc. Due to number of items in news feed it takes so much to check previous 2 days stories. Then what about 2 years back stories. You can’t imagine how it will be done. Don’t worry we have an online service which shows you and your friends Facebook profile history in year wise.

To do that open and click on “Read your profile history now” then it prompts one dialogue box which requests permission to read your profile history. Click on ok button to allow that application. After that it will fetch all your stories and display like this

9. Write Upside down Facebook Status Update:

Do you want post new type of status update then this for you? By using this service you can flip text and post that upside down text as your status update.

To do that open and write text message what you want to post on your Facebook status. After writing message copy the output text and paste it as your status update.

10. Download Videos from Facebook:

We already discussed this topic previously in this blog. You can check that article on How to download videos from Facebook.

11. Access Facebook from Excel Spreadsheet:

Sounds crazy! Yes you can access your Facebook profile from excel spreadsheet. There is one website gives this unique feature. You will definitely enjoy this trick with classic excel spreadsheet style of Facebook browsing.

Go to above website and click on the first link “Gimme dem Spreadsheets”. After that give permission to that website and enjoy Facebook on excel.

12. Create a Look Back Video With Your Beautiful Moments on Facebook:

On the occasion of Facebook 10th birthday they release one new video which contain memorable moments of your life which are shared on your Facebook profile. You can also create that type of look back video by following this link Look Back.

You can select moments yourself or just play the default video with pre-selected pictures.

13. Find Who Un friend you on Facebook:

Do you want to know who un friend you on Facebook? Actually there is no option for this on Facebook but you can get those details through this online service. This service scan your profile and find all changes done on your profile. In that way it can find who un friend you on Facebook and show them.

To get those details open on browser and login with your Facebook details. After that it shows the details about person who un friend you on Facebook with date, week, month and graph wise.

14. Block Ads on Facebook:

Facebook is filled up with ads and they distract you while using your profile. To prevent from these ads someone suggest Facebook ad cleaner but there is no need to use separate ad cleaner, alternatively you can use adblock plus extension which works perfectly for every website. We already write a post about how to block ads on Firefox and chrome? You can check that article to block ads on Facebook.

15. Delete Facebook Account Permanently:

If any case you want to remove your Facebook account permanently then you can use the below link to do that. If you want to use it in future but not now then use another option “deactivate account” which disables your account but not delete permanently.
Click Here to Delete Facebook Account Permanently
After performing deletion operation don’t open your Facebook account for 14 days otherwise it will be re activated again.

Final Words:

I don’t want to stop this post here because its endless topic and in future I will add more tips, tricks which are helpful to every Facebook user.

Do you have any doubts regarding this post? Please leave a comment in the below comment box.
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How to Play Android Games on PC | Windows XP/7/8

Author raman bathina
Today we share complete guide about how to play android games on PC which have windows operating systems like xp, 7 and windows 8. In the recent days smart phone users are increased tremendously and most of the people have android mobiles. Now Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world with its features and availability of games, apps etc. This is one side of coin and another side of coin is little bit different and most of the want to play android games on pc. That’s why we come up with best ways to play those games on pc. If you are also one of those people then just follow this how to guide.

how to play android games on pc


Some of the users already aware of this application because it got huge popularity. Bluestacks is an android game and app emulator which allows you to play any android game on pc and mac too. Once if you install it on your pc then it works like an android mobile. By using this application you can download any game, app from Google play store. To do this you need to synchronize your pc with Google play store.

flappy bird game on bluestacks

How to Play Android Games on PC using Bluestacks

1. First download latest version of Bluestacks from their website by choosing your operating system.
2. If you want bluestacks offline installer then download it from the below link.
3. Now install it on your pc and synchronize your pc with Google play store by signing into your Gmail account.
4. After that you can download and play any android games on pc. If any game was not found in the Google play store you can install it in a different way. If you have .APK file of that game then you can directly install it on bluestacks app player.


Actually I want to write about another android app, game emulator Youwave but dropped for this post. Because it is a paid version which is available for 20$.That’s why I introduce another good android app player windroy which had good capabilities to run android applications and games.

quake android game on windroy

Steps to Play Android Games on PC Using Windroy:

1. Download windroy from the below link which is given by developers.
2. After that install it on your pc, after finishing the installation it asks your details for feedback. Just fill those details and start windroy android game emulator.
3. Now you can see android mobile type lock screen, swipe the screen using mouse pointer and access menu of the application.
4. It comes up with some default games like quake. Here you can see the screenshot of that game in my pc.

Before downloading and playing games from play store you need to login with your Gmail account.

Android SDK Emulator:

This is little bit different from other game emulators because it looks like a mobile phone and provide screen and keyword in application. Actually this is not gaming purpose but you can use it to play android games. If you know how to create android applications and games using android sdk then you can test those games in this application too.

android sdk emulator

It can also available to other operating systems like mac and Linux. You can download those setup files from the above website android developer website.

Bottom Line:

If you feel difficulty to choose which one is best to download and play android games on pc then you can take my help to choose best android app and game emulator. During my testing on pc bluestacks give better performance reports. Previous versions of bluestacks takes too much memory but now they implement some changes to reduce such memory consumption. So you can play any type of android game on your windows pc without any problem.

Still having problems during installation of these emulators? Don’t worry we are here to resolve your problems. Just leave a message below we will try to fix as soon as possible.
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Viber for PC Free Download-Windows 7/8/XP and Mac

Author raman bathina
This simple tutorial will explained about how to download viber for pc in windows 7,windows 8 and also windows xp.You can also get it for Apple Mac os and Linux Operating System.

Viber is a free voice and video calling software which runs on all major mobile platforms like android,windows mobile,samsung bada,apple ios and nokia too.They not only developed mobile app but also desktop application.yes they released for both mobile and desktop platforms.Now this app have more than 200 million users and the numbers are still increasing,because of its features which able to make free voice and video calls.
viber for pc

If you want to use viber on your pc then there are two ways avaialble.Here i list out both ways and you can choose any one of them which is good for you.

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